The most beautiful flowers on the Ethereum Blockchain

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What is it?
MathFlowers are one-of-a-kind work of art created with sophisticated algorithms and advanced image processing technology.

MathFlowers are our genesis collection and will serve as a Mint Key for all our future projects.

MathFlowers project will help to build schools in developing countries. Scroll down for more details.

How much?
Only 3333 MathFlowers will ever be minted. They are all unique and animated. Mint price is 0.08 ETH each.

Whitelist Minting: 14.10.2021 - 5 PM UTC
Public Minting: 14.10.2021 - 7 PM UTC
Instant Reveal!

Basics set?
MathFlowers live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFT (Non-fungible) Tokens with a verified Contract on Etherscan.

Based on several attributes including a seed, randomization, the Block number and the Wallet Address which mints a MathFlower the first time, the MathFlower is generated. They have some characteristics and rarity like coloring, number of repetitions, uniqueness. We will publish a detailed characteristics sheet for each MathFlower once all MathFlowers are minted. We think the value is in the eye of the beholder and over time, the more rare pieces will be evident. Similar to Opal mining, the rare colors and patterns will be decided by the community and collectors.

For more information and examples, check out our ➤ Medium Article

See more in  our Gallery  of the latest minted MathFlowers

Help building schools around the world

MathFlowers will help to establish new schools in developing countries. We want to give children the opportunity of education and the chance of a better perspective in their future lives! We believe that his will be a win-win situation. News coverage will bring our MathFlowers visbility never seen before and with that we will get new fundings for new school projects.

While we will always include our community in selecting the right projects (DAO Token see Roadmap) we already are in contact with suitable charities and projects, for example Fly and Help.

From secondary sales we will fill a Community Wallet which will be used to send back ETH to community. A share will go to charity again.

Imagine our project and our community building schools around the world. Coverage in News papers that NFT is helping the world will bring attention to our NFT world.

The price for a new school project is around 70-80k USD, therefore we calculated our roadmap plan as below.


10 % Minted: We will list on and Rarity Sniper and get MathFlowers verified on

25 % Minted: Establishing Community DAO Token and Community Wallet

30 % Minted: Hire Journalists to increase media coverage about our school projects

50 % Minted: We will donate enough money to one charity so that our first school project can be built! All Wallet Holder addresses will be engraved into a board at this school.

70 % Minted: Community DAO to name the next school

80 % Minted: Airdrop of 5 special MathFlowers to existing holders

90 % Minted: Special airdrop to all holders with at least 5 MathFlowers

100 % Minted: We will have a real life person meetup to open our second school

Long-Term Goals Our Goal is to have MathFlowers as a long-term project, which means we will steadily increase the benefits for our community as well as building new school projects at the same time! Besides MathFlowers we will develop further Art Projects to help the same goal. All MathFlower holders will automatically be whitelisted for those.

How to get a MathFlower?

MathFlowers are limited to 3,333 and can be minted through this site or our own smart contract on Ethereum.

MathFlowers Mint Price: 0.08 ETH

Each MathFlower will serve as a Mint Key for all our future projects as it is our Genesis Drop.

You need to connect with MetaMask Wallet to claim your MathFlowers. Click on the Button below to claim your MathFlower through MetaMask.

See more in  our Gallery  of the latest minted MathFlowers

What can you do with a MathFlower?

Be Proud

As a MathFlowers Owner you helped to build new schools in developing countries to give children the opportunity of education and the chance of a better perspective in their future lives! Thanks a lot for this!

Watch like a lava lamp

A MathFlower is there to fascinate and to be admired. You can mint your own MathFlower and then keep it as long as you want in your Ethereum Wallet. It will be visible on this page as well as on all Platforms following the ERC-721 token standard (like Of course you can also Download your MathFlower and keep it "offline" while having the proof of ownership stored on the blockchain.

Name your personal MathFlower

As a special feature, you can also name your MathFlower directly on the BlockChain using the same Contract of the MathFlower itself. We think each MathFlower deserves a suitable name. Naming can be done through the contract directly. We are working on an option from our website. Will be available in the next few days.

Sell or Trade

You can also sell your MathFlower on secondary markets like

Mint Key

Each MathFlower serves as a Mint Key for our future releases

See more in  our Gallery  of the latest minted MathFlowers